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Looking for Real Food and Food Inspiration?

Shop with Tangible Taste and enjoy some freshly made organic prepared foods. Look for our booth at the St. Augustine Amphitheater Night Market every 2nd and 4th Tuesday from 6-9pm now through October.

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About Chef Amy

Chef Amy Rupert Secol’s love for food has always been a prominent part of her life. As a little one, her interest in food was apparent and inscribed in the pages of her baby book are the words “Very Hungry, Little Miss Piggy.”

Chef Amy’s interest in food remains her driving force. Life is all about food and she wants you to eat the best.

Education is the foundation for putting together balanced, healthful and enjoyable meals. Chef Amy studied Health Supportive Culinary Arts at the Natural Gourmet Institute in NYC and earned her Holistic Nutrition Educator certification from Bauman College in Berkeley, California.

Chef Amy has a vast array of experience in the food world including Cheffing in fine dining restaurants and catering companies, Pickle-Making, Influencing national food policy, Leading educational seminars, Teaching hands on cooking classes, Designing personal meal plans, Consulting on healthy lifestyles, Operating a local food cooperative and Managing a farm to table restaurant.

Chef Amy founded Tangible Taste to be your connection to the food she wants to eat.


Tangible Taste proudly reflects our core values in everything we do.

Our leading value is Sustainability.

Definition: the process of change in a balanced environment / the exploitation of natural resources without destroying the ecological balance of a particular area.

Tangible Taste’s goal is to grow while feeding the system that supports us. We exist in a cyclical system that starts with the soil which nourishes the seed to become the plant that nourishes us. The farm cares for soil and plants the seed that grows the plant. People process the plant into food. Transportation brings the food to your plate. Our wellbeing enables the commerce exchange to drive the system to circle back around again.

We will operate with Integrity.

Definition: the quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards. Completeness; the state of being complete or undivided. Wholeness; the state of being sound or undamaged.

Tangible Taste’s goal is to operate with honorable business practices. We are trustworthy and impeccable with our word. We do not cut corners or compromise our product with a sub par substitution. We strive to be authentic and will only provide products made from ingredients produced by our vetted farmers and purveyors.

We move forward with Reliability.

Definition: able to be trusted to do what is expected or has been promised and to be accurate and to provide a correct result.

Tangible Taste’s goal is to consistently provide a quality product made to the highest standard. We maintain our ability to improvise when product availability is challenged by nature in order for the community to have access to our products on a regular basis without interruption.

Thank you for supporting Tangible Taste’s mission and taking part in a movement to improve the wellness of Our global community.

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